The Center of Regenerative Medicine of Dott. Lombardi has dedicated with great success to particularly delicate operations to heal completely severe pathologies of the Eye even in the early stage.

A.S.R.K. = Asymmetric Selective Radial Keratotomy
This operation has been ideated and executed correctly by Dott. Lombardi in 1984 with the modification to Mini Incisions in 1994 that it is used in few cases remaining the longer incisions the first and better choice. in case of severe Keratoconus and high steep corneas with secondary high refractive error ( -7 to – 18 diopters ).
This technique it is the “only one” capable to stop Keratoconus growth with 80% of
patients seeing well without glasses, 15% with occasional use of glasses and remaining 5% with optimize sight with glasses.
The microsurgical operation is in outpatient condition and local anesthesia with eye-drops and 2 to 3 minutes per eye, sight recover is immediate just at the end of the surgery that will be optimized in the next few days (3-5)

LASARK= Laser-refinement-asymmetric-radial-keratotomy
The Refinement that can be performed with the Excimer Laser before or after the ASRK, will improve and optimize the main intervention on Ketatoconus for perfecting visual acuity possibly without glasses also in the 15% of occasional use of glasses.

Myopia, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, Presbyopia.
When we have a combination of them, we can plan the use of different techniques from Laser to incisional micro operation, combined with Lenses implant and corneal implants.
All will be chosen with refractive sophisticated personalized examinations following an ultra specialization of nearly 40 years.
We can use also visual stimulations and my technique of Regeneration of Retinal Stem Cells.

We use Autologous or Homologous Eye Tissues for reconstructing the Eye Tissues damaged by trauma.

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