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Diagnosis of keratoconus and its definitive cure

Keratoconus definitive cure – In the “Lombardi Eye Clinic” you can find the proper cure for keratoconus disease

Keratoconus: it is not a genetic disease. It is an infectious disease

  • Regenerative medicine” through autologous stem cells regeneration of the eyes. It is the only non invasive option to Corneal Transplant.
  • Microsurgery: Mini A.S.R.K. + S.A.C.L. together with the:
  • Bio-electronic treatment of the fungus which is the “vector” of the infectious disease known as Keratoconus

What is “Keratoconus”?

It is a progressive corneal disease which causes a central and paracentral progressive thinning of the tissue of the cornea, in this way forming a cone-shaped cornea.

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Which is the real cause of keratoconus?

Commonly recognized in the past as a genetic disease, after years of researches in 2007,  I discovered,  together with my team,  the ratio for an infective origin of the sickness.

This disease is caused by a fungus , not visible to the naked eye. The specie of Fungus is: aspergillus in a particular moment of its reproduction.


Evidences of not being a genetic disease

  • With our complete therapy the typical progression of the disease definetely disappears;
  • After 10 years from my treatment the patient shows a stable sight with no more symptoms of the disease;
  • The children of my treated patients do not show any sign of the disease;
  • Often we see patients whose keratoconus starts over 50 years old.


Symptoms of keratoconus

  • Progressive worsening of the sight.
  • Progressive increasing of astigmatism sometimes associated with progressive myopia.
  • Double vision, halos, fogging vision that relatively improve with glasses.
  • The sight improves only through contact lenses but these, as a side effect, make worse the keratoconus progression, the corneal thinning and ectasia sometimes provoking a corneal opacification.


How do we cure the Keratoconus?

The patient can call at +39 06 48907284 or at +39 320 4139260 Monday and Wednesday from 12 to 6 p.m. or Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. or e-mail to:

My Secretary (English speaking) will assist you and help for all your necessities (prepare travel and eventual nearby hotel accommodation and transfer)

Dr. Lombardi and his team are fully trained and qualified to  collect all necessary ophthalmologic examinations to set down an exact diagnosis and a specific treatment for any possible situation from the initial stage to the most severe keratoconus condition.

The cure is absolutely safe, conservative and definitive, with no risk and no side effects at short and long follow-up.

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After the clinical examinations, Dr. Lombardi will give you all the explanations about the Cure, step by step. Once determined the feasibility of the operation, the patient can decide and schedule day and hour of the micro-surgery:

Mini A.S.R.K. (Mini Asymmetric Selective Radial Keratotomy) plus, at the end of the surgery, the S.A.C.L. (Selective Asymmetric Cross Linking).

Just before the micro-surgery, the patient is treated with bio-electronic frequencies to selectively erase the 4 species of aspergillus fungus from his/her body and eyes in 40 minutes.


The micro surgery is in local anesthesia and in Outpatient conditions.

The micro surgery will take 3 minutes per each eye.

Cornea will not be disepithelized and Cross Linking will occur on the dystrophic area only.

Our Cross Linking is DEEP and TOTAL for the 100% of the corneal thickness.

The Visual Recover is immediate in 70% of treated patients and after few hours (24/48 hours) in 30% of the patients.

The result of the whole treatment gives a definitive success in 99,9% of the cases.

Treatment success

  • Immediate visual recover
  • 24/48h visual recover

Causes of worsening of keratoconus

The Fungus provokes the corneal collagen modification that has the capability to alter the strong structural tie of the molecules of the helicoids of the same collagen, in this way allowing the collagen to stretch, simply under the constant action of the intraocular pressure that pushes the cornea growth outside.

Other causes of worsening are the use of contact lenses because of the negative pressure generated between inner side of contact lens and upper surface of the cornea; and the “rubbing” with fingers.

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