Dottore Massimo Lombardi
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He took a degree with full marks and honours in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” in 1973.

1977: He obtains the Specialization in Ophtalmology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

1982: At prof. Svyatoslav N. Fyodorov’s invitation, Director of Moscow Research Institute of Eye Microsurgery and father of the modern Radial Keratotomy for the surgical correction of myopia, Massimo Lombardi is the first European ophthalmologist who attends in Moscow the courses on training in the most recent techniques for the microsurgery of the eye.

1987: He is the only private in the world who comes to an arrangement with the Moscow Institute of Eye Microsurgery, through the Soviet Ministry of Health. This agreement allows him the possibility to try new ideas in the field of ophthalmological research with the help of several équipes.

1988: Certificate of fitness to perform operations pf “epikeratoprothesis” for the surgical correction of keratoconus, myopia and high hyperopia, according to a procedure of dr. Kauffman, Director of the Louisiana University-Ophtalmic Center.

1989: Certificate of fitness to utilize “Excimer Laser” held by Summit Technology.

1990: He performs for the first time in the world the operation of “Lasik” on pig eyes.

1995: He holds in Atlanta a specialization course in refractive surgery to ophthalmologists from many different countries.

1997: He signs a protocol of research and experimentation of personal projects with the Cuban Company of “Retinosi Pigmentosa”.

1999: He creates a new integrative methology named “Modulated Asymmetric Microsurgery For Keratokonus”. This technique improves the A.R.K. (with or without “Mini”) with other techniques capable to correct both the anatomical faults, both the refractive ones.

2000: Certificate related to the course of “Laser Thermokeratoplasty” held by the division of experimental ophthalmic surgery of the ophthalmic clinic of the University of Tübingen.

2007: Conceives a new method for the application of Cross Linking in a rational and more exact key called “A.S.C.L.” (Asymmetric Selective Cross Linking) for keratoconus\’ therapy.

Member ESCRS (European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons)

15-02-2008: First in the world, he performs an inoculation of autologous stem cells in Cologne in the  XCell-Center, the Institute for Regenerative Medicine c/o Eduardus-Krankenhaus (Public Hospital).

Massimo Lombardi is the inventor of original surgical techniques such as:

Lensectomy for the refractive correction of high myopia (1984);
Asymmetrical Radial Keratotomy (A.R.K) for the surgical correction of Keratoconus (1985); correction with the RK of high myopia (until –21);
Excimer Laser for the correction of the residual ametropia after radial keratotomy (1988);
Excimer Laser on epilens (epikeratoprothesis) for the correction of the residual ametropia (1991);
Excimer Laser on a transplanted cornea (penetrating keratoplasty) for the correction of the resudual ametropia on the donor’s cornea (1991).

1988: for “Extraordinary Merits” – International Institute of Culture, Sciences and Arts, Rome Ministry of Education.
1989: for “Extraordinary Merits”, Senate of the Republic.

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