Interventi chirurgia

Laser surgeries to correct ametropia (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism)
Intralase and Lasik are performed with an Excimer Laser that will create a corneal flap while the correction is done directly on the inner cornea.
PRK, with the same Laser, directly on the cornea without flap.

Operation for the correction of myopia. It consists in performing radial micro incisions of two-three millimeters of length on the cornea far from the central optical zone that remains untouched. (outpatient surgery)

replacement of opacified and no more useful cornea by a donor:
1)Lamellar if limited to superficial layers of the cornea and
2)Deep and penetrating, if all the central cornea will be substituted by a donor

Overlapping a donor corneal layer on patient’s cornea, suturing on 360°

Ultrasound equipment to remove a cataract through a very small incision, normally coupled with a intraocular artificial lens (IOL) implantation, usually outpatient surgery.

Replacement of the opaque or transparent corneal lens for refractive purpose, normally to correct high ametropias (myopia-farsightedness).

If after a primary cataract operation (with or without IOL implantation) the capsule become opaque, with an outpatient laser treatment, the capsule can be opened, restoring vision.

It consists in making a small hole through the iris, normally used with a treatment of the Schlemm canal for patients affected by glaucoma.

Operation in patients affected by glaucoma to restore a normal passage of aqueous humour to reduce and better control intraocular pressure.

A treatment is performed through a laser beam to enlarge the drainage of aqueous humour in the Schlemm canal.

Very sophisticated surgery to reproduce in the posterior side of the eye bulb a new vessel structure to give new blood and oxygen and stem cells to the corio-retina for helping severe retinal and macular sicknesses ranging from Stargardt, ischemic and distrophic pathologies, macular degenerations and Retinitis Pigmentosa.

It can be repaired from simple techniques using a Laser in outpatient condition to the operation “ab interno” (inside the eye) or “ab externo” (outside the eye) or in a combination of the two and eventually adding the use of the Laser.

Delicate operation to remove foreign bodies, vitreal membranes or in use to recover retinal detachments due to the coartation of pathologic inner membrane or vitreous, also used to clean from the blood (intraocular hemorrhage).

Operation to correct the squint eye.


Interventi particolari

This operation has been ideated and executed correctly by Dott. Lombardi in 1984 with the modification to Mini Incisions in 1994 that it is used in few cases remaining the longer incisions the first and better choice. in case of severe Keratoconus and high steep corneas with secondary high refractive error ( -7 to – 18 diopters ).
This technique it is the “only one” capable to stop Keratoconus growth with 80% of
patients seeing well without glasses, 15% with occasional use of glasses and remaining 5% with optimize sight with glasses.
The microsurgical operation is in outpatient condition and local anesthesia with eye-drops and 2 to 3 minutes per eye, sight recover is immediate just at the end of the surgery that will be optimized in the next few days (3-5)

The Refinement that can be performed with the Excimer Laser before or after the ASRK, will improve and optimize the main intervention on Ketatoconus for perfecting visual acuity possibly without glasses also in the 15% of occasional use of glasses.

Myopia, Farsightedness, Astigmatism, Presbyopia.
When we have a combination of them, we can plan the use of different techniques from Laser to incisional micro operation, combined with Lenses implant and corneal implants.
All will be chosen with refractive sophisticated personalized examinations following an ultra specialization of nearly 40 years.
We can use also visual stimulations and my technique of Regeneration of Retinal Stem Cells

We use Autologous or Homologous Eye Tissues for reconstructing the Eye Tissues damaged by trauma.

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