I’m Dr. Massimo Lombardi, an Italian eye surgeon and I’ve solved the problem of Keratoconus once and forever.


These are the main information I’d like to share with you:


Keratoconus is NOT a genetic disease:

it’s an INFECTIOUS SICKNESS caused by a fungus, an aspergillus

We do NOT practice corneal transplant:

indeed, we are the only ones who perfom a surgical procedure for the
FINAL CURE of this disease

We proudly practice MINI ASRK® since 1984:

a FAST, PAINLESS and SECURE surgery that will also solve keratoconus side effects such as myopia, astigmatism and mixed astigmatism

How our equipe will take care of your eyes:

1) Call +39 06.48907284  or email us to make an appointment

2) We’ll  eliminate the fungus with harmless bio frequencies without any side effect

3) We’ll  give you a device to eliminate the fungus from your house/workplace

4) The Mini Asymmetric Selective Radial Keratotomy consists in micro incisions with a diamond blade, sharpner and thinner than a laser beam. It takes few minutes per eye (2 to 3 minutes) in local anesthesia

We have treated over 12.000 patients:

these are some messages from them. You can even call or email them and have a chat!

Dr. Hari Navarro: “Prof. Lombardi’s diamond blade surgery for myopia”

Niccolo Vargas: “My vision is almost something I never think about except for how thankful I am to have found the Lombardi Eye Clinic”

Nancy Rice: “I can still see and, though my husband recently told me of doubts about the usefulness of this process, I wanted you to know that it has meant a great deal to me to be able to see and do all the things that sight allows.”

Bruno Caglioni: “I only have the positive and a new life that to started for me and my entourage.Thanks to the Professor for his interest, tenacity and talent show gift from heaven for his surgical expertise.”

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